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Our mission

Our mission is to create a landscape of possibilities through entrepreneurs, who not only envision a better future, but actually make it happen.

About Us

New Elmnt was founded on the belief that it doesn't always require a big idea to make a big change. Our motto, "Empowering Lives Made New Together," encapsulates our core philosophy that with the right mission and vision, we can empower communities all over the world to take positive steps together.

The heart of our mission is the commitment to cultivate a landscape of possibilities through entrepreneurship. Unlike the conventional approach to fundraising, our group prioritizes the value we aim to create before our profits. We are here to show the world that with a big enough dream, people and sponsors will stand behind it. By putting our vision for a better future first, we hope to attract support that goes beyond just financial contributions.

Join us on this journey of creating positive change. Together, we can make a difference by empowering lives, fostering entrepreneurship, and demonstrating that a united community can achieve remarkable things. New Elmnt is not just a team; it's a movement that believes in the transformative power of collective dreams.

Our Team

Bennett Mainini

Chief Operational Officer

Jazmin Davila

Chief Executive Officer

Alvaro Torres

Chief Financial Officer

Gabi Rojas

Chief Marketing Officer

Liliana Espinoza

VP Digital Marketing

Billy Eaton

VP Operations

Angel Perez

VP Digital Media

Truc Duong

VP Community Engagement

How to Get Involved:

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We have a variety of different ways our corporate sponsors can get behind some of our projects. From sponsoring certain events to endowing scholarships (501c3) we would love to show you more ways to get involved!


From being behind the scenes of our team to bringing your organization out to our volunteering events, we would love to have you participate with us. Check the link below to see what events we have coming up!

The Elmnt Store

Our merchandise store takes a unique approach to modern entrepreneurship and commerce. As a consumer, you have the choice to choose how much you are willing to contribute. Each item you choose helps support individual projects we are working on and how much you are willing to give back.

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What is Wolffest

Since 2002, Wolffest has been a beloved tradition at The University of Houston, where teams from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship compete in a three-day pop-up food stand event. This hands-on experience serves as the culmination of the BBA in Entrepreneurship program, teaching students practical skills in organization, research, negotiation, revenue modeling, and more. Wolffest not only enriches the university's culture but also hones the entrepreneurial talents of the students.

How does it work?

In their final semester, the class splits into seven teams for head-to-head competition, striving to fundraise the money for student scholarships. Each team must sell a product on campus for three days, with the winner determined by the largest bottom line. The teams plan meticulously, bid on locations, organize product offerings, secure vendors, create marketing strategies, plan operations, and set prices—all while keeping a keen eye on competitors. Engaging with the business community, students seek investors and advisors, making Wolffest a rich learning experience.

On operation day, teams adapt on the fly to challenges like equipment malfunctions, safety demands, low supplies, team disagreements, or technical issues. Much like real-world businesses, teams adjust to satisfy customers, care for team members, maintain relationships with partners, adhere to regulations, and ensure a healthy bottom line. Wolffest is a unique opportunity for students to bridge the gap between business planning and operations, teaching them the constant need for innovation in the entrepreneurial journey.

4742 Calhoun Rd #536, Houston, TX 77004

Jazmin Davila CEO - 469-668-5677

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